Welcome to our new website!

Over the past 2 years GNOVA has gone through 4 different website iterations. With each one, we improved little by little. Its always been a dream of mine to host & create a custom built website for the FC, and about 2 weeks ago I started pursuing that. It didn’t start off to well. First off, I completely crashed the old website due to a single quotation-mark error. Luckily for me, Fresh was able to help me get it back up and running before Esca found out.

Then, half way through the development of this new website, the cheap-ass hosting service that Esca purchased in Mexico decided to roll back the servers, so I lost everything. Determined, I decided to purchase 2 years of a brand new hosting service. Along with that, we now have a daily backup system to a Cloud server. Prior to these events, I had no history in coding websites for css, php or html. So I spent an entire week learning each of those.

So why a custom made website? Surely, we don’t need it…

Well, with Enjin, Guildwork & Pre-built templates, we are quite limited on what can be done with the website in terms of design, creativity & overall structure. Almost every feature on this new website could not even be possible on any of those Guild Template websites. With that in mind, we can now extend our website capabilities. Of which, we now have a:

  • Unique design & structure, not seen in most Guild & FC websites.
  • Incredibly powerful “Player-Profile” page.
  • Tournaments design section, with an easy to understand layout.
  • Easy to filter Gallery that is responsive and organized.
  • Mobile-webpage Support

Since this is just Version 1.0, there are plenty of additions that I will be working on in the future. Including:

  • Member Login for comments on & posting.
  • Integrated Forums, for easy access from the Front Page.
  • FFXIV Fanfest management page – for smoother coordination.
  • Additional Player Profiles (I still have a lot of work to do there!)
  • Calendar of Events.

More developments on the FC Logo located on the front page.

I hope you all enjoy the new website. If you find any bugs, please report them to Legato Nagato, or fill out the “Contact Us” form located on the Menu. Also, if you have any content that you would like to submit, please let us know! We are open to ideas, and would love to post your in-game screenshots.

Thank you
-Legato Nagato


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