Weekly Wind-up Ifrit giveaways have now begun! [Ended]

This Event has Ended.

Simply sign-up for any event featured on the website, to be entered into a weekly drawing for a Wind-Up Ifrit. The weekly drawing will take place each Tuesday evening, at 7pm EST. The first drawing will be held next Tuesday, on December 22nd. Each week there will be a new drawing, composed of everyone who signed up for events from that week only. 

GNovA is not interested in selling these little fireballs from hell to fatten its own pockets. Gil only goes so far in FFXIV, and we just want to see these Wind-Up Ifrits go home to happy members. If you happen to find yourself winning one of these guys, you must use it. There is no cash-out option, and we don’t want to see them sold on the AH. Plus, all winners will have a screenshot of themselves with their new friend posted on the front page of the website.

The weekly events page is a brand new concept for the FC, and the admins would love to see it be put to good use. So please, check it frequently, and if you see something you like, sign up! The Group Leader for that specific event will thank you, since it makes our jobs at organizing events that much easier. 

If you are having any issues with signing up, or have any questions, please let an admin know.

Current Winners:

Celestia Ludenberg
Celestia Ludenberg


Awilix Murti
Awilix Murti


ffxiv 2016-01-05 20-11-34-71
Achatzu Gatzu


ffxiv 2016-01-15 14-36-26-05
Dresden Kah’sar


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