The Lost Canals of Uznair

Hope everyone is having a great time in Stormblood, battling the ferocious Shinyru, harkening your heartsss to Lakshmi, or getting electrified by the great Susano’o! Or even chilling for the Ixion fate! Just don’t forget about doing some maps in between!

Rain Arashi, Leon Lionheart, Aiden Rogue, Crall Arkian, Arya Bunny, Dresden Kah’sar, Y’shua Tia, and myself were lucky enough to reach the 7th and final chamber of the Lost Canals of Uznair three times!!

We had fun showing the canals to those who have not been inside. It was exciting to battle the ultimate beasts! Keep your eye out for those Timeworn Gazelleskin Maps, more parties coming soon.

Special thanks to Crall Arkian for leading the map parties lately!


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