Rules & Policies

GNovA Regulations
Last Updated: 4/8/2019

Welcome to GNovA. Listed are the rules and regulations each member must follow within the Free Company. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ AND RESPECT THESE RULES as they are not to hinder but to ensure peace and happiness of all FC members. If you agree to these rules, you declare that you have read and understood the terms, and you agree to be bound by these rules on behalf of yourself and, if you are under the age of 18, on your behalf by your parent or legal guardian. No one under the age of 13 may be apart of the Free Company.

This list identifies some of the activities that are prohibited. This list provides general guidelines and is not exhaustive. Violation to any of these rules may result to a simple slap on the wrist to termination from the Free Company.

The GNovA Free Company is a “controlled” environment designed to provide maximum levels of fun for all members. In order to preserve the peace for all members, the activities identified in this Section 1 [“Code of Conduct”] must be strictly followed. Therefore, any violation of these terms will be used as grounds for immediate termination, or such other lesser measures described in Section 3 which GNovA may take in its sole discretion.
The FC urges members to err on the side of caution and treat other players with decency and respect. Remember that you not only represent yourself, but the free company as well. GNovA plays host to members from all walks of life and as such, some common sense is advised on certain topics. Accordingly, the following topics are prohibited:

  • Discrimination based on race/nationality/thinking/gender/sexual orientation/gender identity/state/religion/occupation, etc.
  • Violent language/slander/insult/threat
  • Other expressions that are offensive to another person
  • Spamming (This means using chat to obstruct another person’s conversation. Even if obstruction was not the objective of the behaviour, it may be deemed a violation.)
  • Disruption or interfering with the experience of other players, including disruption of FC raid groups.

Violating these may result in termination from the FC, or such other lesser measures described in Section 3 which the Admin Core may take in its sole discretion.
1.2 Member Disputes. You shall be solely responsible for resolving any and all disputes that may arise between you and other members in connection with personal deals or agreements. GNovA shall not be responsible for mediating or resolving any such disputes and shall have no liability to you or to any player[s] for any agreements incurred in connection with or as a result of any such disputes.

If the Admin Core gives an instruction based on the Regulations and/or other rules, failure to follow the instruction is a violation. If you are given an instruction by the admin, please follow this immediately. 

In their discretion, the Admin Core may use a variety of methods to deal with violations, including, but not limited to, any of the following:

  • Issuing caution or a warning;
  • Permanently terminating membership;
  • Permanently banning membership;

In addition, GNovA shall be entitled to terminate any member (immediately and without notice) who [1] was previously terminated by GNovA and who the Admin Core believes [in its sole discretion] re-applying under a different in-game name in order to circumvent or bypass such termination, or [2] the Admin Core believes (in its sole discretion, based upon any information available) that such member is enabling or assisting another player to conduct any prohibited activities of any kind.
2.1 Admin Core Linkshell. All administrators must be in the admin linkshell to maintain their rank status.

Do not steal items in the Free Company chest to sell/use for your personal gain. Members of the FC and admins alike work hard to supply the chest to help benefit the community as a whole. Please ask permission before taking and consider making a donation, whether in the form of gil, material, or items.

Members will be allowed to sponsor up 2 players into the FC at any given time. When a new player is sponsored, the players’ rank will immediately be “Initiate”, they will hold this rank for at least two weeks which entails the minimum  trial period. During this period, they are unable to sponsor other initiates. This is to ensure the environment and level of enjoyment of the FC is maintained. Should GNovA in its sole discretion terminate the player[s] membership for any reason, there will be no hard feelings.
4.1 Membership Withdrawal. Members who leave on good terms will be allowed back into the FC a total of two times before they are unable to return. Members who return back will lose their stand in the ranks and start from the beginning as “Initiate.” Members who have left a negative impression towards the FC will be dealt on a case by case basis on the full terms of their departure.
4.2 Break or Vacation Time Off. Members who are taking a break must notify the Admin Core accordingly. GNovA will place that player under the rank “On Leave” and will stay indefinitely as long as they update the admins at least once every 30 days. Members who have been inactive more than 30 days without notice will be subjected to the “Purge.” Members who have been removed by the “Purge” are welcomed back.
4.3 Inactivity. After a period of inactivity of 15 days, members will be demoted to the rank of “Inactive”. If a player is still the rank of “Initiate” at this time, they will be removed from the FC. If the “Initiate” player has achieved “Member” rank and are away for 30 days, the measurements in Section 4.2 will be taken to affect.
4.4 Promotions. 
If a member is deemed worthy of a promotion above “Member” it will be discussed with the Admin Core in the Admin Linkshell prior to the person being promoted in the FC. All final decisions are made by the Archon. The member will be given a specific task to fulfill, for the betterment of the FC as whole. Each task is unique, and failure to complete this task will result in a demotion. GNovA does not promote on the basis of friendship, or keep friends who rank high and fail to complete their task. Promotions are based on responsibilities, and adhering to accomplishing the goals of the FC.

5.1 Changes to Rules & Regulations. GNovA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add to, supplement or delete any of the rules and regulations. The FC will notify its members of such changes in one of the following ways at its sole discretion: through email, website posting, discord, or in-game notice. 
5.2 Discord Rules & Regulations.
For general rules please visit: Discord-Guidelines. Additionally, raiding channels are exclusively for raiding content only. All other channels are free use for members.