Patch 4.4 FC Weekly Events

We are less than 48 hours away from Patch 4.4!  With the new patch, there are some new FC weekly events!

Friday Uznair Maps
We’ll try our luck to get into the Shifting Alters of Uznair! If you’ve never done Treasure Maps before, that’s okay!

1. Maximum 2 maps per player
2. Thief maps (if any) will be after everyone’s 2 runs
3. Map owner Need or Greed all item drops
4. Everyone else can Greed the item drops

Sunday Suzaku (Extreme) Parties
Different from Mount Farming, but come along and work towards your Weapon or 99 Totems for the mount!  We will start out with teaching parties for a while, before moving on to practice/clear parties. Finally, we’ll move onto farm parties. Each week we may have different party members, so please be patient if someone is still learning!

Monday Movie Nights
Every 2 weeks, we will be hosting a movie night!  Bring your popcorn, bring a blanket to snuggle, and join us as we watch a movie together!  We’ll be using this link to watch the movies:! You may need to sign up for an account.

Check out the Preliminary Notes if you haven’t already!  Wow, doesn’t the trailer video look amazing?


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