Patch 4.36 & Patch 4.4 – Prelude in Violet!

Hope you’re ready!  There’s a LOT of exciting new things coming to our world!

Patch 4.36scheduled for August 7

  • Forbidden Land of Eureka: Pagos Expedition
  • Monster Hunter: World collaboration with FFXIV – The Great Hunt, The Great Hunt (Extreme)

Patch 4.4 – Prelude In Violet, expected mid-September

  • New MSQ, side story quests & sidequests: The Four Lords, Hildibrand Adventures, Doman Reconstruction
  • New dungeons: The Burn, Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard)
  • New trials: Suzaku, Suzaku (Extreme)
  • New raids: Omega: Alphascape, Omega: Alphascape (Savage)
  • Eureka 3rd installment: New region, Logos System added (Note: The new region is not called Logos)
  • The Lost Canals of Uznair: New dungeons
  • Gold Saucer: New GATE Platforming Puzzles


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