New Website Feature! Player Profiles.

The main idea beyond the Player Profiles is to designate a spot on the website where we can each get to know our fellow GNovAs a bit better. Since many of you treat the FC like a second family, it might be best to get to know:

  • Where did someones name come from? Is there a story behind its creation?
  • What’s life like for a certain individual outside of FFXIV.
  • To see if you have similar hobbies, interests, or favorite activites with another FC member.
  • How did a certain individual join GnovA? What’s their first, or favorite memory with the FC.

Another purpose for this page is to be used, like the rest of the website, as a kind of “storybook.” Detailing certain events, certain likes or dislikes, and putting them out in the open so that others may read the story. By also putting them out for others to read, we make it harder to forget them (like how the Monktank was born, or a fond memory of first meeting a friend). Many of you have been with us for years, and may have a story or two to tell.

Due to the time it takes to complete each page (3-4 hours), I won’t be able to release the v1.00 website with ALL of the player profiles, especially with patch 3.1 releasing this week. So I will be releasing 2 or 3 each week, as time permits. Also, there won’t be any profile pages for the the rank Member or below, since there are far too many members to dedicate a page to each. Members who are feature on the monthly “Member Spotlight” will have the opportunity to have their own page though.


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