New Website Feature! Events Page

As part of the new website overhaul, GNOVA is getting a brand new Events Page. The purpose of this page is to better catalog, and streamline some of the events that we host as an FC. Without any-kind of in game calender in FFXIV, it can be quite difficult to create and manage events. So hopefully this will help remedy such an issue.

The events listed here will involve a wide variety of activities to suit each members different play-style in FFXIV. Some of the events listed below have been hosted in the past, and some are completely new ideas. Here’s a brief overview of some of the events that may pop up if demand is high enough:

  • Thordan EX learning parties
  • Thordan EX clear groups
  • Pony Farming Nights
  • Kingly Whisker Farming
  • CT/VA Drinking Games
  • Seasonal Events (ex: Secret Santa)
  • Glamour Contests
  • Wolves Den 4v4 tournaments
  • Frontline Nights
  • Chocobo Racing Tournaments
  • Triple Triad Tournaments
  • Lords of Vermillion playtesting
  • Gold Saucer Challenge Log groups
  • CT/VA 24man premades
  • Dragonskin Map groups
  • Final Fantasy Trivia Nights

If any of these sound like something you are interested in, please message Legato Nagato. Doing so will help show demand for certain events.


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