New Home, Same Family

In case you missed it (although I don’t know how you didn’t), we have transformed our home from the beloved Moogle to the Carbuncle home!!  The construction project was spearheaded by our Chief of Crafts, Nito Barito and raw materials supplied by Gin Niji and I think we can all say how grateful we are to them and their team working so hard on bringing us this beautiful house.

On behalf of Nito, he wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped and “I couldn’t have done it without them”.

Our great leader Esca Lacroix has this to say:

This Carbuncle house stands as a testimony of one GNovA’s core values: “Help each other out, without expecting anything in return”. I am deeply thankful to everyone that was involved and I’ll take the chance to thanks our Chief of Crafts Nito Barito for spear heading the project along side Gin Niji.

Here’s what some of our members had to say about the house!

Every time I see our FC house, I feel a sense of love and integrity that was put into not only from Nito but by all the other officers. They took the time and effort to provide us with an awesome looking house that it makes me proud to be part of GNovA Millefeuille Silock

I think it’s the only carby house I’ve seen so it’s really unique! Being one of the first to have it on our server is a nice touch!Xereden Silock

The carbuncle house makes me feel warm and at home, just like our FC! Thanks for making us a cute house with giant buncles and a fun roof to hop onto!Jing Nemune

I think the carbuncle house marks a new era for the FC, mainly because its a team effort but things and people change changed from when we built the moogle house back then, but the spirit of the FC is still the sameTieria Alastor

I like the new house. It looks rather modern and feels like a nice facelift from the old design. Oh yeah, getting onto the roof was new and it was pretty cool to listen to you all help each other outTokume Soketsu

Thanks for the Carbuncle house, Nito! It’s fantastic and looks amazing! Totes adorbsFenix Auberon

I think it looks great! and with teamwork we were able to create it!Arturia Stormwyrm

It’s really cute 😀 – Woolly Wool

The Carb-entry is spellbinding!Lynx Laroux

Thank you Nito and crafting team for your hard work. The details are truly beautiful from the books that decorate the walls and the fence entrance, from the pen point pillars at our porch to the larger than life carbuncle statues that guard our home.


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