GOING NOVA Free Company
Member Agreement
Last Updated: 2/23/2019


This is our Manifesto, in essence, it is our basic rules for the day to day happenings of the FC.

Please respect and follow these rules, failing to do so can bring a slap on the wrist to termination from the FC. We have always been an FC focused on relationships and community. We don’t have many rules, but they help us maintain the peace.

Who we meet in this world may be the whim of the Gods. But, once met, it falls upon us to bring out the best in each other.”

– The Eternal Bond Ceremony

Don’t Foster Drama

  • If you have problems with another member, please whisper them and resolve the issue privately.  
  • If the issue is still not resolved you may ask an Admin for help.  
  • KEEP DRAMA OUT FC CHAT. Although we don’t encourage the idea, if everything else fails you can always blacklist the person you are having problems with.
  • If Admins do get involved, remember that depending on the offense and the criteria of the Admin Core, this could be grounds for termination from the FC for both parties.


2) Regarding FC Chat

  1. Forbidden Topics. To Respect all members the following topics should be avoided:
    • Religion.
    • Politics.
    • Ethnicity.  
  2. Offensive Comments. To maintain a healthy environment in our Free Company, please refrain from the following in FC chat:
    • Vulgarity. (We all enjoy some spice but be careful not to be distasteful)
    • Comments aimed to make others feel uncomfortable.
    • Disparaging comments made against others’ families, jobs, or other real life situations.
    • Use of slures, racials or otherwise.
    • SPAM. The “spamming” of phrases, and macros is forbidden. Please keep all communications with Discord participates, seperate from FC chat, to avoid spamming FC chat with 1 sided conversations.

3) FC Buff Schedule

  • All Days: Meat & Mead (Food Duration)
  • Sunday: The Heat of Battle (General Experience)
  • Monday: Earth and Water (Gathering Experience)
  • Tuesday: Helping Hand (Crafting Experience)
  • Wednesday: The Heat of Battle (General Experience)
  • Thursday: The Heat of Battle (General Experience)
  • Friday: In Control (Crafting Control)
  • Saturday: Jackpot! (Gold Saucer MGP)


4) Do not underhandedly destroy a FC Raid Group.

  1. Do not steal members from other raid groups.
  2. Do not harm the environment of the group to the point where it is unable to function.  
  3. Changing between raid groups inside of the FC is frowned upon unless the okay from both raid group leaders is given. This can sometimes cause hard feelings, and we do not want this in our FC.

5) Listen to your Admins.

  1. If you are having issues with someone or something, bring it to their attention; they are here to help. However this also means that you must be prepared to follow their resolution as well.

6) Do not steal from the FC Chest.

  1. Share: Please take and give. If you ask for items from the FC chest, please consider making a donation back, whether it be in the form of gil or items that the FC may need.
  2. Do Not Abuse The Bank For Personal Gain:  Do not ask for things to sell on the Market Board or use them on yourself without measure; The FC as a whole works hard to supply the FC chest for the benefit of the community as a whole.

7) The Fallen:

  1. If you leave the FC two times, you are out for good, and there is no coming back.  This doesn’t apply to people who go “On leave” and/or are removed due to inactivity.

8) Ranking Up (to Magistrate & Above):

  1. If a member is deemed worthy of a promotion above “Member” it will be discussed in the Admin Linkshell prior to the person being promoted in the FC. (The final decision ultimately falls on the Archon alone after one last discussion with the Archon’s Hand.). This member will be given a specific task to fulfill, for the betterment of the FC as whole. Each task is unique, and failure to complete this task will result in a demotion. We do not promote on the basis of friendship, or keep friends who rank high and fail to complete their task. Promotions are based on responsibilities, and adhering to accomplishing the goals of the FC.

9) Returning Members.

  1. Members who leave on good terms will be able to return without an “Interview” but will start once again as Initiate.
  2. Members who leave negatively will be dealt on a case by case basis depending on the full terms of their departure.

10) Admin Linkshell:  

  1. All Admins must be in the Admin Linkshell to keep their rank.(please do not disable the LS, it is really important that we remain in contact)  The Admin Linkshell consists of Archon, Hand(s) of the Archon, Lead Magistrate(s), Magistrate(s) and Chief(s) of Crafts,

11) The Purge:

  1. Cleaning out inactive members.  We clean out members who have been gone for 30 days without notice (This includes all the ranks from the Archon to the Initiate and even Alt).  Everyone removed under this criteria is welcomed back, because there is no way for us to know who has quit the game; so this is why we purge.
  2. On Leave – This is for members who are taking a break and let us know they are taking a break.  They can stay in our FC indefinitely in the “On Leave” rank as long as we are updated on their status at least once every 30 days.

12) Discord:

  1. Our goal is to foster the links of our community, if you are able, please help by having your friends and groups stay in the FC Discord. This way people can see who is on,  mingle between chats and get to know each other better.
  2. Discord Admin Privileges: This will be bestowed upon Magistrates and above ranking in the FC.  Channel Admin privileges will go to raid leaders who are not officers in the FC (this does not pertain to people outside the FC).
  3. Discord Rules: Raiding channels are for RAIDING ONLY.  All other channels are free for members.  Please do not join raiding channels for private conversations.  We have other channels for that.
  4. Making a Channel: If you would like a Channel made please bring it to the attention of an Admin, we’ll work with you on reaching an agreement, some rules like activity apply.
  5. Keep all communications that take place on Discord, within Discord. Having a one-sided conversation between FC chat and Discord participants is considered spam, due to the nonsensical nature of a one-sided conversation.

13) Hosting a Diadem Party:

  1. Please state the loot rules prior to the Diadem starting.
  2. If you wish to host a Diadem run through the Free Company workshop, please ask a Magistrate or higher for 8 airship tanks.
  3. You must distribute 1 tank to each of the 7 other members, leaving one for yourself.
  4. Lead the party into the workshop and happy hunting!

14)  Regarding ALTS.

  1. Alts are characters played by a member that is not the character they were invited with into the Free Company.
  2. Alts get removed at the 30 day mark.
  3. If an Alt continually logs in only once a month to avoid being removed, it will be removed.
  4. The FC reserves the right to remove any and all alts at any given time.
  5. The FC can refuse to invite an Alt without any explanation.
  6. You can request to invite no more than 2 Alts to the FC.

15) Transitory.

  1. Anything not covered within this Manifesto will be handled as it arises by the Archon with advise from the Admin Core, making use of his Executive Authority.

– Esca Lacroix