Happy New Year! Lets recap some of 2015 together.

January 2015: The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding begins! Some of us were very excited for this new event, especially since it brought us an opportunity to bring everyone together. Here’s a few of those very special moments throughout the year:



March 7th, 2015: The Binding Coil of Bahamut comes to an end for Esca’s static group, Rising! The victorious finally get to finish the storyline. Here’s some screenshots showcasing the steps of progression, and how Esca’s raid group evolved over the years. Tears were shed, computers were thrown out windows, all in the efforts to one day down Bahamut Prime.

Slide background


March 11th, 2015: Esca’s secret birthday-suit birthday party. Kurage, Luluzan, and Legato all race change to Miqote, and surprised Esca in his personal quarters.
ffxiv 2015-03-11 21-59-39-71


April 8th, 2015: Like life in general, there will always be ups and downs, summers and winters. April was an especially wintery month for GNovA in general. One of our most dearest members, Akela Freya, departed the FC. We wished him the best of luck, and gathered together for one final screenshot. We will never forget his efforts to make GNovA a better place for everyone.
Akela Departs


June 19th, 2015: Heavensward Launches! New zones, new FATES, and new dungeons are all right upon the horizon! GNovA enters into its very first expansion.
ffxiv_dx11 2015-06-25 23-56-53-81



July 19th, 2015: Leveling Bots run rampant on Leviathan! Legato goes undercover, without anyone knowing, to expose some of the notable players that cheat by using these programs


August 6th, 2015: Alexander Savage raiding begins for Esca’s static, Rising!

ffxiv_dx11 2015-08-23 21-31-53-79



October 16th, 2015: The GNovA Annual Meetup takes place at Disney World! (We called it Disneyfest, since there was no FFXIV Fanfest in 2015…) Some of the attending members include, Kurage, Legato, Luluzan, Hope, Esca, Wulf, Ioku, Nura & Ryougi. Here’s a few screenshots to recap the event (For more screenshots, check out the Gallery page!):



October 28th, 2015: Website construction begins! Esca & Kurage both suffer from Post-Disney Depression, and aren’t seen in game for weeks! 🙁



November 17th, 2015: Patch 3.1; As Goes Light, So Goes Dark – Launches! In only 3 days, we put forth all the effort to turn the FC house into a moogle mansion!
ffxiv_dx11 2015-11-20 15-26-57-84 



December 5th, 2015: The epic admin meeting with Lynx Laroux! Quite an exciting moment for everyone. Had this not happened, we wouldn’t have seen so many wonderful additions to the GNovA family.
A meeting with Lynx Laroux! Quite an exciting moment.



December 20th, 2015: Our annual Secret Santa event ends with a huge success! Here’s a quick recap of it:



January 1st, 2016: As always, Kurage & I wish everyone a Happy New Year! We both look forward to many more wonderful memories together with all GNovA’s. Thanks for being an important part of our lives.
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