Welcome to GNovA. We are a tight-knit community of players whose ideals revolve around fun, friendship, and respect. From these ideals, our founding members have built a Free Company filled with rich and exciting history. As our member base continues to grow, our goal is to provide an environment for players to get together and form a lasting FC community.

Who are we?

Established in October 2013, GNovA first became an FC back in 2.0 as “Magmatic Legacy”; Over the years, the name has since been changed to Going Nova. Founded by the principles that friendship and respect always come first, we strive to create a fun and casual environment for like-minded adventurers interested in exploring all aspects of the game.

What do we offer?

GNOVA offers a well-run FC with an experienced and dedicated admin team. Our more organized events consist of premades for PvE and PvP content, alliance raids, treasure maps, and mount farming groups on a weekly to monthly basis.

How does one join GNOVA?

In order to maintain a close-knit community of friends and family, GNOVA does not offer random membership through Party Finder or shouts. To foster a more positive growth between members, we run off a referral-type system. To be invited requires at least 1 member to vouch for you.



Farewell Loveless

Esca Lacroix

Rain Arashi

Edwin Hellscream

Rai'to O'sihn

Y'shua Tia

FC Ranks

Because we thought you might want to know, these are positions within GNovA’s hierarchy.

Please visit our FAQ page and our FC Ranks page for additional information on rank promotions and responsibilities.


Archon is the leader and, in effect, the chief executive officer of GNOVA. The Archon is responsible for the conduct of, and ultimate success of the Free Company.

Archon's Hand

The Archon’s Hand has the authority to represent and take formal actions on behalf of GNovA as authorized by the Archon. During times of absence of the Archon, the Archon’s Hand assumes their responsibility as well. 

Lead Magistrates

 The Lead Magistrate’s main objective is to support the Archon and the Archon’s Hand with their tasks. Lead Magistrates must have strong conflict management skills, become an enabler of FC cohesiveness, and have proven trust throughout their time in the FC. 


Magistrates are authorized to represent GNovA as part of the admin core. Magistrates are to interpret existing FC policies, and make decisions pursuant to these rules in the absence of the Archon, Archon’s Hand, and Lead Magistrates. 

Legacy Member

The Legacy Members rank are for individuals who’ve been in GNovA for 2+ years. These individuals have had a lasting impact on the development of the FC or have retired from their official admin responsibilities. 


The Member rank is where the true building blocks of GNovA exist. We strive to ensure that each member has a place to call home. Our members decide for themselves, if they will have a lasting, positive impact within the FC. Ultimately, the reputation of GNovA comes from how each of our Members presents themselves in Eorzea.


The Initiate rank are individuals who’ve been vouched by members of GNovA. As an Initiate, you will go through an extensive interview process to offer us an opportunity to get to know you better, go through some of the FC rules, and to get you acquainted with some of the admins and members. 

Chief of Crafts

The Chief of Crafts are members whom has the ability to produce the latest recipes for all crafting jobs. While they have an obligation to craft for other FC members, this obligation is not to be taken advantage of. Crafting mats should still be provided, for members who wish to use their services. The Chief of Crafts also plays a heavy role in building & maintaining the FC airship.


 Disciple are members whom have the ability to create or gather materials through all of the various disciplines. They are always willing to help at a discounted price. While they have an obligation to help other FC members, this obligation is not to be taken advantage of. Crafting mats should still be provided, for members who wish to use their services.

Welcome to Our Free Company

Immerse yourself into our community with a few FC shots.