Gnova Summer Fun Event Starts Sunday May 1st!!!

2016 Gnova Summer Fun Event!

Sunday May 1st – Sunday July 31st


Join Up with your friends to earn points for participating in Scheduled and Impromptu Events! Scheduled Events are posted on the Website and run by Event Captains. Impromptu events can be called out by anyone in to earn points doing the stuff you already love! Events can be anything from Diadem, Dungeon Runs, Leveling Parties, FATES, Gold Saucer Attractions, Coil farms and Mount Farms! The sky’s the limit! Just have fun and meet new people in the FC!

*Event page can be reached via the top link bar or by the image news on the main page.

Event Rules:

  • Groups must have at least 4 FC members
  • Events must be a minimum of 20 minutes in duration
  • A list of participants must be sent Via Mogmail or Discord to an FC Admin to be put into the Point Tracker.
  • Everyone is welcome to any event!
  • Have fun and be creative!

How to participate:

Scheduled Events (3 Points):

  1. Weekly Events will be announced in the FC Message, Simply show up on time for an event to participate!
  2. When the Events Site is active, Log in to the Gnova Website: Http://
  3. Register for and participate in the event
  4. Event Captain will record participants in FC Event Tracker
  5. Earn points!

Impromptu Events (2 Point):

  1. Anyone can call out an Event in the FC chat
  2. Make a group of 4 or more FC people
  3. Participate in the Event
  4. Report a list of participants to any FC Admin over Discord or Mogmail
  5. Earn Points!

Screenshot Bonus! (1 Point)

  1. Send a Screenshot from the event to Lynx over discord and earn 1 bonus point for the whole group! We’ll compile an album to post at the end!


Want to volunteer for this event?

We need Event Captains, 5 Amazing Race Volunteers and donations for prize giveaways are always welcome!  Please send Lynx Laroux or Esca Lacroix a message (Mogmail or Discord) expressing your interest and how you’d like to help out!




The top monthly point earner will be awarded a Zu Mount!!!

(Only 1 mount per player)


Grand Prize

The top cumulative point earner will win the Grand Prize of

Five Million Gil!!!! And a Surprise Prize!!

Second Place: Naming Rights to an FC Airship and 500,000 gil!


Third Place:  Zu Mount and 250,000 gil!


Participation prizes will also be awarded at the Closing Ceremony Event including minions, glamour gear, bardings and more!!!!



Sunday, July 31st 2016 

8pm – 11pm Eastern

Heavensward Amazing Race

 8-9 pm EST

Starting at the FC house, participants will be given a clue leading them to a specific destination where an FC Admin will be waiting to give out the clue to the next destination. After 5 minutes, another more obvious clue is given to help those who haven’t figured it out, and after another 5 minutes, a final and very obvious clue will be given. Once the last player reaches the 2nd destination the process repeats (wait 5 minutes, deliver clue #2, wait 5 minutes Deliver clue #3) This allows players who are behind a chance to catch up when players are stumped on the next clue! The first person to reach the 5th destination will be the winner. After all players have completed, the final tally will take place and the winners will be announced and prizes and points awarded at the Awards Ceremony!

1st Prize: 10 Points and 100,000 gil 2nd Prize: 5 Points and 25,000 gil 3rd Prize: 3 Points and 10,000 gil



Glamour Showdown

9:15 -945pm EST

Bring your best glamour to the runway! Lynx Laroux and 2 Celebrity Guest Judges will watch the contestants strut their stuff on the runway! Winners in each category will be awarded a treasure trove of glamour prisms!!! Categories are: Best Male Glamour, Best Female Glamour and the new Potato Category for our Lalafolk! Sign up to be posted in the weeks leading up to the Event Finale! The winner will be announced during the Award Ceremony and will be photographed with the Grand Prize Winner of the FC Summer Fun Event!


Grand Prize Award Ceremony

10pm Eastern Standard Time

Come and join your FC friends and family for this party at the FC house! Wear your favorite swimwear or glamour and join us for the announcement of the Glamour Showdown Winner, Heavensward Amazing Race, and the FC Event Point winners! Take lots of Screenies!

Please look forward to it!™


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