GNOVA Secret Santa (2015) event is here!

As we welcome another holiday season, its time for us to hold our annual Secret Santa event. This is an in-game event. If you haven’t ever participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange, its quite simple:

  • Soon after you register for the event, we will randomly assign you a person, to whom you anonymously get a gift for.
  • At the same time, another person will be secretly getting a gift for you.
  • The gift exchange will happen at the FC house. We will then go have a giant snowball fight!

Sign-up Period: Nov.29th through December 11th.

Secret Santas will be given out on December 12th (This is when you find out who you are secretly getting a gift for).

The Gift Exchange will take place on Sunday, December 20th at 9pm EST.
Those who can’t make it to the gift exchange can find their Secret Santa and deliver their gift whenever they are able to (before or after the event).
After the gift exchange at the FC house, we will go to Coerthas for a giant snowball fight 😀


You may Register Here:

[rsvppro id=”5″]

[rsvppro-attendeelist id=”5″]


Some ideas for gifts:

  • Glamour involving the use of the new metallic dyes
  • Minions that the owner does not already own (new ones are even better!)
  • Neat glamour that is rare/uncommon. (The AH is full of this stuff!)
  • Mogstation gifts can now be sent directly to a friends mailbox (pets, glamours, etc..)

Here’s a few screenshots from last years event:

Snowball Fight!!! What a way to end the year-3 Snowball Fight!!! What a way to end the year


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