GNova 2021 Summer Event: Summer of Pandemonium

Event date and time: July 16th 7:30pm CT (5:30pm PT)

The Summer of Pandemonium is here! Mille, Kaori, and Eltar invite you to a night on the beach with the FC. We will be starting off with a two week photo contest and cap it off with a Maze Run at the Hellscream Estate followed by an FC chat on the beach and some goosebumps episodes. For the full details please see below. 

1st event: Beach Glamour Photo Contest!
Get in your best beach glamour and take a summer picture that shows off your best summer. Submissions should be sent to the screenshots channel, after which use the 🍉 emote to mark it as a contest entry. You are also welcome to include a comment with the picture. Participates have until July 13th to submit photos to allow us time to deliberate on the winner. Winner will receive 2 million gil!
*Note: Winners will be announced on the day of the event.

2nd event: Maze Run!
We will gather at Kaori’s Estate and run a fun maze. Dead ends, small jump puzzles, and shortcuts for the clever, who knows where you will end up. 1st place will receive 1 million gil, 2nd place 750k gil, and 3rd place 500k gil! 
*Note: Location will be at Kaori’s Estate Ward 17, Plot 60, Lavender Beds

3rd event: Campfire and Chill!
Hang out with us at the ever lovely Costa del Sol. We will all hangout around the campfire and chat before watching some goosebump episodes on discord.


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