First Week of Patch 4.4 GNovA Overview

Wow, what a week! We got some new MSQ that turned out with a dramatic twist!  Whatever will the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and the Eorzean Alliance do now? We also see the new Alphascape Raid and I don’t know about you, but Alpha is just so adorable! Looks like Rising, lead by our fearless catboss leader Esca, is on their way past the Chaos to face Midgardsormr!

The new Shifting Alters of Uznair brings a new cycle of luck!  But if you’re Legato, you just might see the last chamber of treasures! Maybe luck will come our way, right Kurage? Next week will be our week! Kiritos, made out like a bandit with 3 Thief’s Maps! Calisto, Aurora, Chai, and Jing made out with some pretty good loot too.


We also did some Suzaku (Extreme) learning parties and wow oh wow is that fight INTENSE!  With perseverance and a strong will, Khada, Nura, Kiritos, Ioku, Killia, Atlas, Jing, and myself cleared!  We also had the help of special friends, Simon Nash, Oppugnatura Exsequens and Frosty Coffee. Great job everyone!


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