Players who would like to join GNovA must first be invited by a member of the FC. Players must be 18+ of age or if you are under the age of 18, you must have consent from your parent or guardian in order to join. 

*Invite allowance limited to 2 per member. No one under the age of 13 may be apart of the Free Company.

Some of GNovA’s past events consist of alliance raid drinking games, special holiday events, premades for PvE and PvP content, treasure map days, and mount farming groups.

No. GNovA does not provide or monitor statics for raiding purposes. Though, we encourage  members interested in forming their own static to do so if they are capable.

Everyday: Meat & Mead (Food Duration)
Sunday: The Heat of Battle (General Experience)
Monday: Earth and Water (Gathering Experience)
Tuesday: Helping Hand (Crafting Experience)
Wednesday: The Heat of Battle (General Experience)
Thursday: The Heat of Battle (General Experience)
Friday: In Control (Crafting Control)
Saturday: Jackpot! (Gold Saucer MGP).

Promotions are based on responsibilities and accomplishments made by the member. If you wish to be promoted beyond the rank “Member,” you first need to go through a process with the Admin Core.

Prior to this process, the Admin Core will discuss among themselves to see if the member is deemed worthy. They will then be given a unique task to fulfill for the betterment of the FC. Failure to complete this task will result in a demotion.

*All final decisions will be made by the Archon and Archon’s Hand.

Please visit our FC ranks page for additional information on the rank responsibilities.

Members who are taking a break must notify the Admin Core accordingly. GNovA will place that player under the rank “On Leave” and will stay indefinitely as long as they update the admins at least once every 30 days. 

Members who have been inactive more than 30 days without notice will be subjected to the “Purge.” Members who have been removed by the “Purge” are welcomed back.

Members who leave on good terms will be allowed back into the FC a total of two times before they are unable to return. Members who return back will lose their stand in the ranks and start from the beginning as “Initiate.”

*This does not apply to members who are “On Leave” and/or removed due to inactivity. 

Members who have left a negative impression towards the FC will be dealt on a case by case basis on the full terms of their departure.

Yes. Members are allowed up to 2 Alts in the FC. Be aware that if that character is inactive past the 30 day mark, the FC reserves the right to remove any and all alts within the “Purge” period.

Please Contact Us to submit your feedback, suggestions, or additional questions you may have.