Please remember to log into your character and alts every 30 days. If you need to take an extended break from the game, please let an admin know before you go and be sure to update us every 30 days if you can. If you have been removed/purged from the FC due to inactivity, please seek out Esca Lacroix, Rai’to O’sihn, or Rain Arashi for an FC re-invitation.
Information is listed in our manifesto:

Updated Website Server!
We’ve made a huge upgrade on our website server that works in the background, but we weren’t able to bring over your member accounts. Please create a new one and let any of the admins know for approval.

Member Profiles
Check out our member profiles on and submit your own!

Call for Screenshots
Loving the new Stormblood fights and areas? Have you taken some really awesome screenshots? Share it with us! We want to see what you’ve been up to and you can do that by submitting it through the website.
Screenshot submission form:

Happy Birthday!
If you haven’t already, please send your birthday (mm/dd) to Phoenix Bunny so we can celebrate your birthday! You will receive a birthday gift from the FC. If you don’t want to share your real birthday out of privacy, then at least send in a fake birthday. We just want to celebrate you

GNovA Calendar
If you love google calendar and you want to stay up to date with FFXIV and GNovA events, feel free to subscribe to the GNovA google calendar by clicking on the “+ Google Calendar” on the lower right.

With the next raid tier being released in Patch 4.2, we’ve reset the GNovA Raid Registry!
Submit your availabilities here:
View the Registry here:

You may be wondering, what is this new rank called “Disciple”? It’s our newest rank to designate our members who are masters at their crafts. Seek these players out if you would like to make a crafting request.

Interested in obtaining the rank for yourself? You can get EXCLUSIVE use of the FC workshops!
Be sure to meet the following criteria:

  1. All crafters to 70
  2. Able to craft HQ highest level crafts with at least one specialist
  3. Willing to craft for FC members for free, if materials are provided
    –>> If materials are not provided, then the crafters can work something out

Crafting Items: Shinyru Wing & Flying Chair
Don’t pay a crafter to make your Shinyru Wing or Flying Chair! Contact Nito Barito and he will craft it for FC members for free! Please provide your own mats.

FC Gardening Plots
If you would like to use the gardening plots at the FC house, you are welcome to! Just coordinate your plantings with an admin.

Mount Mondays @ 8pm EST
Who needs pony, bird, and dog mounts? Let’s go get your extreme primal farming going! Don’t know the fight? Let Phoenix Bunny know and she’ll teach you through it. Exception: Shinryu

FABanastre Fridays @ 8pm EST
Let’s get one (1) full party of 8 players and queue as an alliance for the Royal City of Rabanastre!

Questions, comments, concerns, ideas
Please contact any of the admins (Archon, Hand of the Archon, Lead Magistrate, or Magistrates) via in-game or on Discord! We also have a “Contact us” form on