All-World Maintenances: Town of Salem

If you’re bored during all-world maintenances, we got you! What started out with a few GnovAs, it quickly became a huge hit!  It even has a few of us (cough RAI’TO) a little addicted where we stay up all night laughing away.

Check it out: Town of Salem
It’s  a FREE online game of Vampires/Bang/Mafia! Where everyone is given a role and your friends are either friend, or foe. It’s your job to deduce who is killing the small Town of Salem… dun dun DUN!

me: phoenixbunny
Jing: JankyJang
Xereden: xereden
Rogue: AidenRogue
Pao: paosiopao
Cross: AidenCross
Rai’to: MonkTank
Sailith: Sailbunny
Dresden: WinterKnight741
Merl: Xellophane
Gardenia: gardeniaC
Killia: KilliaKildia
Jaxom: Jaxom0609
Nea: Neashe

– See you in Salem,
Your Local Serial Killer (no really I’m the Jester)


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