Aiden Rogue

Originally I was the leader of the Kupo Crusaders on Exodus and got talked into switching servers by Khomari Odinsol. Been here ever since. Why do I go by Rogue instead of Aiden? Its simply because I’m not the only Aiden in fc. So we go by our last names in hopes of not getting people confused, but more often then not we both still hear “THERE are 2 of you?!”

Favorite memory with the fc has to be doing swimsuit shenanigans. We defeated Levi HM and went on to do other fights in only our swimsuit.

Likes: PVP Frontlines, D.Grayman
Favorite Games: Devil May Cry, Assassins Creed, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon
Activities: PVP, Raiding, Main Story, Helping others and FC mates, Collecting Mounts, Fish, Shenanigans
Theme Song: Colorblind by Hands like Houses

Link to event: