12 Days of G-Mas : A FC Holiday Event!

[su_box title=”The GNovA Admin Team Presents” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#9e2626″ radius=”5″] The 12 Days of G-Mas: A Free Company Holiday Event [/su_box]

It’s that special time of year where the snow is falling in Eorzea and the time for merry making is upon us! Come join your Free Company Friends in 12 days of fun special events put together just for you by your GNovA Admin Team!! There are a variety of events, one every night starting from December 12th, 2016 – December 24th, 2016! As always we have fabulous prizes to award, for Ranked Events, there will be clear winners who will earn prizes as well as 3 participation prizes given to participants via /random rolls. For Non-Ranked Events, there will be a /random for the top 3 prizes and 3 participation prizes! We will be using our new Event Calendar to have people sign up and register for events:

[su_box title=”How to participate:” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#327950″ title_color=”#9e2626″ radius=”5″]Simply show up at the listed time and ask for the group leader to add you! Please be there at least 5 minutes before the start of an event or it may start without you!!![/su_box] 

Schedule of Events – All times are EST

[su_box title=”Decorating Party and Secret Santa Assignments ” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#327950″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″]Tuesday December 13th 10pm Est – Event Captains: Lynx and Rain[/su_box]

Join your FC friends for a chance to transform the guest bedroom into a Winter Wonderland! Participants can bring an Item to the FC house and help decorate for the Holidays! We will be giving out Champagne and cookies! For participating everyone will get to /random and the highest 3 numbers will be given the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes! 3 participation prizes will be given to the lowest 3 rolls as well!

***Secret Santa Gift Exchange!***

Please sign up on the Events Calendar, Names will be randomly selected using: http://www.boogspace.com/secret-santa-generator.asp and sent to you via website or game. If you have any problems with this contact Lynx, Legato, Rain or Rai’to! We will send out your Secret Santa assignments on the 20th! Ask us in game if you haven’t gotten one yet! Try to give your gift by Christmas!

There’s  no set limit but when you sign up give us some ideas of what you’d like! Glamour for your favorite jobs, a rare dye or a minon maybe?

[su_box title=”Crazy Comp Clear Night” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#327950″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] Wednesday December 14th 10pm Est – Event Captain: Uh Oh[/su_box]

Come get some Clears!!! Uh Oh and co. will be online to help out with fun clears of the fights you need dead!!! Have an idea for a fun comp? (All War Rav Ex?) Bring your ideas and let’s kill some stuff or die trying!

1st Place : Rin Luzan 2nd Place : Dresden Kah’sar  3rd place: Sapphire Stormz

[su_box title=”Winter Dungeon Speed Run Contest (Ranked Event)” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#793232″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″]Thursday, December 15th 10pm Est – Event Captain: Gnova Admins[/su_box]

Come race against your FC friends in an Unsynched dungeon run! fastest teams win the top 3 prizes!

[su_box title=”Santa’s Little Ninja Hide and Seek (Ranked Event)” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#327950″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] Friday, December 16th 9pm Est – Event Captains: Rhiell and Rai’to[/su_box]

Everyone knows that Santa’s helpers are wonderful at making toys and brining holiday cheer, but did you know that each and every one is a trained master of Hide and Seek? Each helper must go through weeks of extensive training in the art of subterfuge, concealment and of course, gingerbread cookie making.   Santa has invited you to journey to Coerthas Western Highlands to begin the holidays with a friendly game of Hide and Seek with none other than his helpers!  But be forewarned, as cute as Santa’s helpers may be, they are also crafty and cunning – almost like Ninjas! So, keep your eyes peeled for fairy dust and brightly colored streamers to lead you to their destination!  And, should you come across one, they will be overjoyed to give you a handcrafted present! Collect as many as you can before the time is up and GOOD LUCK!


[su_box title=”The Amazing (Holiday) Race (Ranked Event)” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#793232″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] Saturday, December 17th 9pm Est – Event Captains: Rain, Lynx and Rai’to[/su_box]

Starting at the FC house, participants will be given a Holiday Themed clue leading them to a specific destination where an Event Captain will be waiting to give out the clue to the next destination. After 5 minutes, another more obvious clue is given to help those who haven’t figured it out, and after another 5 minutes, a final and very obvious clue will be given. Once the last player reaches the 2nd destination the process repeats (wait 5 minutes, deliver clue #2, wait 5 minutes Deliver clue #3) This allows players who are behind a chance to catch up when players are stumped on the next clue! The first person to reach the 5th destination will be the winner! After all players have completed the race, the Event Captains will award the prizes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Finishers!

In addition, 3 participation prizes will be given out via /random to those who didn’t place in the race!


[su_box title=”Holiday Jump Game” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#327950″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] Sunday, December 18th 10pm Est – Event Captain: Amaranth[/su_box]

Jump on Ifrit!

Over 5 stunning stages, your goal is to get as close to the center of the Red A Marker on top of Ifrit as you are able to!  The closer you are, the more points you will get.  As each stage progresses, new and unique obstacles stand in your way that can potentially cause you problems but the higher the point modifier if you best it and achieve your goal!  Stand atop the others and claim your prize!

Stage 1: Wall Jump

Stage 2: Cliff Diver

Stage 3: Wizardly Dashing

Stage 4: Wizardly Suicide

Stage 5: Leap of Faith

Point System @ Modifiers


Stage 1: 100% Modifier

Stage 2: 125% Modifier

Stage 3: 150% Modifier

Stage 4: 200% Modifier

Stage 5: 300% Modifier


Ifrity Center: 5 Points

Ifrit’s Ring: 4 Points

Inner Ring: 3 Points

Central Ring: 2 Points

Outer Ring: 1 Point

Outside Boundaries: 0 Points

[su_box title=”Level 1 Dash and Die (Ranked Event)” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#793232″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] Monday, December 19th 10pm Est – Event Captain: Amaranth[/su_box]

Over 3 Thrilling Stages, determine who is the sly-est, deadliest, and most cunning to survive and stand atop the others!



Level 1 Character, with NO Aetherite Unlocks.

Must be partied with other racers and/or Officers

You are able to use Aetherites for Home Point Function Only

On Death, you will return to that Aetherite and continue the race.

Stage 1: Gridania to Ul’dah

Starting Point: New Gridania Inn Entrance

Ending Point: Amaranth @ Ul’dah Aetherite Crystal



Stage 2: Limsa Lominsa to Outer La Noscea Mines (Full Metal Alchemist FATE Spawn Point)

Starting Point: Limsa Lominsa Inn

Ending Point: Amaranth @ Full Metal Alchemist FATE Spawn Point



Final Stage: Ul’dah to Gridania (Via Northern Thanalan/Coerthas Central Highlands)

Starting Point: Ul’dah Aetherite Crystal

Ending Point: New Gridania Aetherite Crystal


Point Tiering:

1st Place: 6 Points

2nd Place: 5 Points

3rd Place: 4 Points

4th Place: 2 Points

5th Place: 1 Point


[su_box title=”Aquapolis Map Night” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#327950″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] Tuesday, December 20th 9pm Est – Event Captains: GNovA Admins[/su_box]

Join your FC friends and search Eorzea for entrances to the Aquapolis! The FC will supply 1 map to each participant and arrange groups based on participation! Your map, your loot! After the Event is complete the Event Captain will give out the prizes! For participating everyone will get to /random and the highest 3 numbers will be given the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes! 3 participation prizes will be given to the lowest 3 rolls as well!

[su_box title=”Holiday Feast 4v4 and 1v1 Duels (Ranked Event)” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#793232″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] Wednesday, December 21th 9pm Est – Event Captain: Rhiell[/su_box]

Ahh, the holidays.  A time for goodwill and love for all. And visitors. And in-laws. And extended family. Let’s be honest –  Who doesn’t have that one Roegadyn Uncle, who drinks too much and acts a fool and deserves that holiday cheer in the form of an ass whopping.  Who hasn’t burned the popotos, trying to break up a fight between those Lalafel cousins who only come for free food?  When the only thing they should be eating are knuckle sandwiches? Who hasn’t want to punch everyone at the dinner table in the face?  WE all have! But this year, instead of ruining the holidays come down to the Wolves Den!  Partake or spectate in the a pvp holiday extravaganza. Where gifts are all better to be given than to received and all presents are wrapped in black and blue!Here you can indulge in frozen spirits, eggnog and other libations that will get you in the true holiday spirit! Hang out in common Japery or find yourself under the mistletoe! You Never know who will show up at the Wolves Den!  Maybe even Uncle Roegadyn!


Pick your opponent and show them all the holiday cheer you can muster! But don’t forget to use your weapon of choice to show how much you care! Rhiell will specify Gear/Weapon limits to ensure an even match for the duels!

Customized Light Party (4v4)

Over flowing with the holiday spirit? Know three other people who feel the same way you do? Make a party and share the cheer in a customized FEAST match!  (2 spectators per party can also join in to watch the true meaning of the holidays – pvp style)

Stasios and Rhiell will be at the Wolves Den early to help anybody with their pvp traits! ( and perhaps even a few tips to really drive that Christmas tree up their…..)  The Event will also be streamed on TWITCH.TV/Stasiostrel  and commentated by none other than Stas and Rhiell!

[su_box title=”Christmas Glamour Primal Farm” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#327950″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] Wednesday, December 22nd 10pm Est – Event Captain: GNova Admins[/su_box]

Come wear your best Christmas Glamour and play through some coils unsynced! First timers are welcome!

[su_box title=”Ho-Ho-Holiday House Party” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#793232″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] Friday, December 23rd 9pm Est – Event Captains: GNovA Admins[/su_box]

Come Party at the FC house before people go away for the Holidays!

Get your Photo Taken with Santa! /random which Santa’s lap you get to sit on!  

0- 300 Lala Claus

301- 600 Roe Claus

900+ Sexy Santa Rhiell   

Top Roll gets special surprise!!!

After that we’ll be having a snowball fight at the FC House and ending with cookies, fireworks and our Secret Santa Gift Exchange! Names will be randomly selected using: http://www.boogspace.com/secret-santa-generator.asp

Those not in attendance may send their presents after this date, try to have your present delivered by December 25th!

[su_box title=”Christmas Coils” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#327950″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] Friday, December 24th 8pm Est – Event Captain: Lynx[/su_box]

Come dressed up in your finest (or trolliest) Holiday Glamours for Unsynced runs of Coils 1-13! The perfect chance to experience the story from start to finish, so turn off your Cutscene Skipping! No experience required, Loot will be GREED ONLY, but we ask you only roll on equipment you can equip on your characters! Event starts at 9pm EST please be on 10 minutes before the event begins so we can get right to the fun!

For participating everyone will get to /random and the highest 3 numbers will be given the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes! 3 participation prizes will be given to the lowest 3 rolls as well!

[su_box title=”Prizes!!!!!” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#327950″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″]Each event will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Prizes to Award! Ranked Events will go to the top 3 winners, group events will be given based on /random rolls of all participants. All events will have 3 additional prizes given out via /random as well so participate in as many events as you can for your chance to win big!! Some prizes have a limited number to give away so participate early if you have your eyes set on something that’s limited![/su_box]

[su_box title=”Top Tier” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#327950″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] 1st Place – Select 1 Prize from the Top Tier Prize Pool[/su_box]

  • Have FC farm a Bird of your Choice (Limited to 3)
  • 1 month Game time card (Limited to 1)
  • Fenrir Pup (limit 1)
  • Mog Station item (Valued up to $20.00 US) (Limited to 1)  Claimed
  • 1 Peice of Crafted Gear (i250 Left or Right Side Battle Gear only)
  • 1,000,000 Gil

[su_box title=”Second Tier” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#793232″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] 2nd Place – Select 1 Prize from the second Tier Prize Pool[/su_box]

  • Wind up primal minion of your choice
  • Have FC farm a Pony of your choice (Limited to 3)
  • Bardings
  • Glamour Prism Set of 99 Prisms of your choice
  • 500,000 Gil

[su_box title=”Third Tier” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#327950″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″] 3rd Place – 250,000 gil or Zu Mount (while supplies last!)[/su_box]

[su_box title=”
Participation Prizes for Each Event!” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#327950″ title_color=”#fcfcfc” radius=”5″]Using /random event captains will give out 3 prizes to the highest/lowest rolls (Event Captain Decides winning criteria) Winners will recieve 25,000 gil each! [/su_box]

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